外語歌唱大賽開始報名囉! Singing Contest is coming!

Singing Contest Midterm exams are over, if you feel tired of studying, now it's time for joining us! OIA is going to have a Singing Contest on May 6th. Date: Friday, 6th May Time: 19:00-21:00 Location: Office of International Affairs Together we can create the most amazing time! You are more than welcome to join us! We will also prepare some desserts and drinks for you ^^ Sign up now → 外語歌唱大賽 痛苦的期中考終於結束了! 有多久沒和朋友聚一聚了呢? 快來揪團參加國際處的外語歌唱大賽! 展現你的歌喉,來場濃濃家鄉氣息的歌曲之夜。 日期:5月6日(五) 時間:19:00-21:00 地點:國際事務處 報名連結:

《詩春 Short Poem Competition》_中英雙語現代詩徵文活動

《Short Poem Competition》 Spring is the season of Poem and...Exams!! Short Poem Competition is a great chance for you to embrace them both at the same time. l   Rule:Ten Lines, Free Form, the Only Topic is Midterm Exams. l   Close:2016.05.13 l   Submission: Please mail your work to yctkey first Then, Register on-line:  l   Notice:There are Mandarin and English written groups, cross submission are accepted, no pieces limited. Must Register. l   Prize:Gifts and Win the position to be the digital column writer of    YCT Golden Key to Globality. 《詩春 Short Poem Competition》_中英雙語現代詩徵文活動 期中考來了!它又來了!那些愛恨情愁啊,這次讓我們用首短詩來祭念...紀念吧。 活動內容:徵現代詩,十行以內,主題限定【期中考】,形式不拘。 l   徵文投件步驟: 請將稿件Word檔案寄至  yctkey 完成線上報名: l   徵文截止日:2016.05.13 l   注意事項: 本次活動分為中文、英文兩組,歡迎雙組投件,投件次數不限,但請務必完成線上報名。 l   本次活動將邀請中英文領域專業文學老師擔任評審,選出優秀得獎作品,創作者將獲得精美禮品,並有機會擔任    YCT Golden Key to Globality駐站專欄作家。

臺 綜 大 英 語 暑 期 學 校 國 際 學 伴 熱 情 招 募 中 !

2016 TCUS International Summer School 臺綜大英語暑期學校國際學伴熱情招募中 !  國際處將於暑假期間辦理臺綜大英語暑期學校(International Summer School, ISS), 將會有一群來自世界各地的外國朋友們聚集於中正。 我們希望招募本校學生擔任ISS的國際學伴,協助外國朋友們參與ISS適應中正的生活。 ISS讓中正的學伴們不必出國就可以練習英文,也可認識許多來自世界各地的朋友,和他們一起上ISS的全英語課程。 讓我們一起為外國朋友們,也為你/妳今年的暑假留下深刻的回憶! 這段日子雖然說長不長,說短不短,但透過你們的熱情,相信足夠讓這群外國朋友們能夠好好認識中正大學每一個美麗動人的角落, 及中正大學每一位熱情活潑的你以及妳!!!   *************************ISS 學伴說明會*************************** 有興趣更了解ISS學伴的同學們,可以直接來聽我們ISS學伴說明會喔! 說明會時間: 4/13 星期三的中午12:10-13:00,地點在國際處(暫定)。 4/13說明會影片連結 ********************************************************************* 相關資訊請查看國際處網頁: 一、活動時間 Session A (7/25-8/06) Session B (8/08-8/20) 二、招募對象及招募人數 本校在學學生(也歡迎應屆畢業生)。學伴名額有限,須視外國學生報名情況決定,若學伴報名人數過多將進行篩選。 三、學伴報名日期 即日起至2016年4月29日11:59 A.M.前 四、需要學伴們發揮熱情服務精神的地方... 1.於外籍生抵校報到前,先與自己負責的學伴通信互相認識,回覆外籍生關於校園生活的各項提問,並確認外籍生預定抵台的時間。 2.外籍生抵台日期將他們帶往宿舍報到並安頓後,再帶領外籍生認識本校環境,申請宿舍網路,協助適應本校學習生活並解決相關難題等。 3.協助國際處辦理ISS期間各類活動。 五、費用      欲參加此ISS學伴者均須繳交新台幣1,760元的報名費。 凡擔任學伴者均免收學費(免收一期5,000元/兩期10,000元) 六、報名方式       想參加ISS的同學們請先了解相關資訊(下方附件),再填寫附件之ISS學伴申請表, 於4月29日(五) 11:59 A.M.前繳交紙本至國際處,並將電子檔寄至Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它 \n 。(紙本與電子皆須繳交喔) 七、注意事項  擔任國際學伴者,須於活動前先參加培訓會,學習與國際學生溝通的技巧,並充分明瞭活動間所需完成之任務。 八、聯絡方式 -國際事務處專案工作人員 陳嘉諺小姐 -分機:17609 -信箱:Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它 \n


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  課程名稱 Course name at least in English, additionally in Chinese preferred (中) 華語與文化 (Eng.) Chinese Language & Culture 開課老師所屬單位 Offering dept. and university Department / faculty:   Department of Tourism English, Wu-Feng University of Technology  (吳鳳科技大學觀光英語系) 授課教師資料 Offering teacher’s information Name:  Helen Chia-Lig Yen (嚴嘉玲) Email: Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它 \n 學經歷 Curriculum Vitae Education:  1. PhD candidate    National Pingtung University Of Science and Technology            2. Master  University of Newcastle upon tyen (UK) Professional Appointments:  Lecturer Other qualification:   合作開課老師 Cooperating teacher(s) in this course □ Yes: Name: Department / faculty: University: Tel. / mobile phone number:___________________ Email:__________@____________________> l  Please extend this part to meet your need if you have more than one cooperating teacher in this course. ▓None 學分數 Credit(s) □ 1 □ 2 □ 3 授課對象 Target audience ▓ Undergraduate □ Postgraduate 助教需求 (T.A. requested) ▓ Yes □ No 課程目標 Goal of this course description within 150 words The course aims to develop students’ essential skills in understanding, reading and speaking in Mandarin. To complete this course successfully, it is hoped students would be able to equip the following capabilities:     The capabilities to comprehend and express own ideas properly in Mandarin. The capabilities to comprehend readings and materials that distribute in classes. The capabilities to complete successfully a 15-minuts long oral presentation on a professional topic. This course is designed for overseas who want to enhance their Chinese proficiency by attending an intensive course. It is an intermediate level course in Mandarin that is provided by International Summer School, Taiwan Comprehensive University System (TCUS). 課程簡述 Course description description within 350 words   課程內容/授課大綱 Course content / outline You can introduce the course weekly. The content of course is mainly focused on daily life and local culture in Taiwan, in Chia- Yi in particular. This course contains the following themes: 1.Campus tour in CCU (library, sports centre, students’ activity centre and so on) 2. Tour near campus and in Min Hsiung (drug stores, stands food, bakery, railway station and post office and so on)  3. Pineapples: people, products and fields 4. Chinese popular songs 5. Festivals and foods ※Field work: Campus tour; visit neighborhood nearby; visit Min-Hsiung town centre.  Fees USD 10 (Transportation & Travel Insurance) 學習評量方式 Assessment / grading policy Weekly participation 20% Course written summary and final written assignments 20%, 20% Final oral presentations 40% 課程之教學方法 Teaching methods for this course 1. Lecturing 2. Group discussion 3. Field works 教科書&參考書目 Textbook & other reference Textbook: Handouts distributed in class Other useful books: 1. 新版實用視聽華語 (Practical Audil-Visual Book2), 正中書局。 2. 一千字說華語 (Speak Mandarin in One Thousand Words) 海華文庫。  Thank you for your help.